Black sands

It was 3am, completely restless, i had to write you in those lines…

Wrote with the song Black Sands – Bonobo

I cross the desert city in a taxi
But my mind stays on your bed still
And my hands already miss your body
I have never seen anyone this special
Neither here nor back in Brazil

Cool wind hitting our faces on the terrace
In the midnight sunset drowning in dark blue
The train, your mint-cigarette, unknown stars
You tell me your past with sad eyes
And I wish I was there to hold you

We make many plans for another day
To see you again, I can find an excuse
I know how much this sounds cliche
But if this thing were a movie
We have already chosen the music

I never get bored of you, it’s a big surprise
Your golden and brown skin so close
Candles flickering inside your wild eyes
I feel like I live to see you another time
and I need to feel once again the time running slow

Poems in English

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